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GB WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 9.45 Updated Nov. 2022—Official (Anti-Ban)
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whatsapp gb pro-new gb whatsapp 7.90 download 2019

whatsapp gb pro-new gb whatsapp 7.90 download 2019

Version: 2022 Latest Version
Platform: Android
Language: Global
Size: 50.2MB
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About whatsapp gb pro-new gb whatsapp 7.90 download 2019

Version 2022 Latest Version
platform Android
Language Global
Size 50.2MB

Introduction Of whatsapp gb pro-new gb whatsapp 7.90 download 2019

whatsapp gb pro-new gb whatsapp 7.90 download 2019

Record, Europa, Nashe Unofficial with information from Google Play, the application has now had more than half a million downloads and received a lot of positive feedback. The application is created and developed for Android platforms, but the publisher will soon develop to be able to bring the application to the iOS platform and computer devices soon. With the main function of playing sounds from different stations and playing BASS licensed music, this application is very suitable for downloading and experiencing music and listening to information from many sources and many stations around the world.


With over 50 different stations, Record, Europa, Nashe Unofficial allows you to listen to and capture the information fantastically broadcast by the stations. Unlike traditional radio, the application gives you a lot of conveniences and different features. Audio recording and playback from fully licensed stations bring you information. The accuracy and playing time match with the main station, so your usage is supported in the best way.

Not only limited to many different stations, but the application also actively expands links with more stations through many versions. It gives users a variety of choices and makes it easier to find the information they need to hear more efficiently and thoroughly. To be able to experience the most relaxing moments with the great features that the application brings, download the application and experience it today. Because there is nothing better than using only one application but being able to hear sounds from many different sources!!


The BASS-licensed feature brings you dozens of existing tracks and very soon updates on newly released tracks. The choice of using the app to listen to music is absolutely excellent. With a complete, diverse sound collection along with excellent sound quality up to 32 bit, your music and audio experience is perfected so that the sound quality is always at a good level.

With such excellent sound quality, users can choose to use audio amplifying devices such as speakers perfectly, creating customization as well as more convenience when listening to sound when the sound quality is high to meet the requirements to be able to play stably and in detail. Users can freely choose their favorite music and add it to favorites for later viewing.


App updates are created to give the app a certain level of perfection, overcoming inherent minor bugs as well as difficulties in use. With more than 50 different stations added in each update, the application is really great and succeeds in bringing variety and convenience to the users.

Not only that, but each update also focuses on developing and perfecting the sound system so that the sound brought to users is as complete and quality as possible. The application is also becoming more and more perfect in controlling and using features to help users not encounter obstacles during use and more accessible to get used to the application. The features and utilities have been optimized for use. The application is constantly updated to bring outstanding features to users to feel the most memorable experience.

KEY FEATURESSleep timer, repeat sound, and many other features for users.More than 50 radio stations in each update and more with an extensive sound library.Excellent sound quality provides the best experience for using the application.Easy to use as well as customize, completely easy to get used to, and experience the inherent features.Full-screen dock mode with a certain finishing suitable for listening to sounds while driving.